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5 FOODS That Will Boost Viral Immunity

An illustration related to viral infections of the respiratory system. The illustration includes the depictions of the human respiratory system and influenza viruses in a contemporary stylized layout.


1. Fermented Foods – Sauerkraut- Vit C – Kimchi- L. Plantarum 2. Vit C rich foods – Citrus fruits and juices (such as orange and grapefruit) – Kiwi fruit – Red and green peppers – Broccoli – Strawberries Vitamin C accumulates in phagocytic cells, such as neutrophils, and can enhance chemotaxis, phagocytosis, generation of reactive oxygen species, and ultimately microbial killing. Vitamin C deficiency results in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections.…

3. Vit E rich foods…

Recent work has demonstrated that deficiencies in either Se or vitamin E result in increased viral pathogenicity and altered immune responses. Furthermore, deficiencies in either Se or vitamin E results in specific viral mutations, changing relatively benign viruses into virulent ones. – Cashews -Chickpeas -Grass-fed meat – Lentils – Eggs – Seeds: hemp, flax, pumpkin or squash seeds

4. Glutathione boosting foods – Avocado – Garlic – Cabbage – Brussel sprouts – Asparagus – Spinach…

. Most importantly we correlate the decreased GSH levels previously observed in individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) with an increase in the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines which aid in the growth of M. tb.

5. Vitamin A foods Dark green leafy vegetables, for example, amaranth (red or green), spinach and chard. Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. Carrots. Squashes/pumpkins. Animal sources. Liver, eggs, milk (including breast milk) Oils. Red palm oil or biruti palm oil.

Studies in animal models and cell lines show that vitamin A and play a major role in immunity, including expression of apoptosis, cytokine expression, production of antibody, and the function of neutrophils, natural killer cells, monocytes or macrophages,…#immunesystem —————————————-

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