Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life


5 Key Steps to Drop Weight For Good

_________________ NOTES:

1. Increase your fasting window, decrease your eating window 3-3-1

Variation: 3 days a week 17 hrs 3 days a week 24hrs 1 day a week 36 hr

2. Try the two keto weight loss variations -definitely pull out all Omega 6 foods & chemical-laden foods

-3 days carnivore

-3 days vegan

3. Start detoxing -fat is stored toxins -stop toxifying yourself -beginners detox- level 1 -advanced detox -level 2 4. Know your F/B & P/B ratios -high level of these bacteria will make you struggle to lose weight -test your gut- gut zoomer

5. Stop stressing -stress is not conducive to weight loss

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