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Can Fasting Help Autoimmune Disease?

NOTES: What is happening in the body with autoimmunity? -mixed up immune system dysfunctional lymphocytes (Lupus, MS, RA) -ageing promotes immune dysfunction -body attacking itself -why? Infections, toxins Which fast would be best? Based off science The fasts that help with mixed up immune system

1. FMD (protein & calorie restriction) -both CR & PF -Diabetes Type 1 -RA How often? 1x/mo

2. Periodic Fasting (2 days or longer) How often? 1x/ wk – 1 mo 3. 24-hour fasts -stem cells in intestinal tract get rebooted Science:…

Prolon FMD:… —————————————- Dr. Mindy’s Website:

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