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How Long Should You Fast to Get Anti-Aging Benefits

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02:05 Study found that certain length of fasting increases antioxidant

s 03:01 44 metabolites that slows the aging 03:26 Gluconeogenesis

04:23 Antioxidant production go up 60 folds 06:06 How are you going to take this fast

NOTES: 58 HOUR FAST BENEFITS: 1. Gluconeogenesis 2. Increases Antioxidant production 3. 44 metabolites that will slow the aging down Antiaging Fast; – 58 Hour of Water Fasting – Quarterly Fast STUDIES: The practicality of Intermittent Fasting in Humans and its Effect on Oxidative Stress and Genes Related to Aging and Metabolism…

Fasting ramps up human metabolism, study shows…

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