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How much sleep do you need to keep your immune system strong?

—————————————- STUDIES:

1. Boosts T-Cell Responses Turning on of beta integrins (docking spots) allows T-Cells to dock on cells infected with viruses Stress hormones turn these docking stations off. The surge in docking stations at 2am Go to sleep and wake up with a better immunity…

2. Sleep Habits and Susceptibility to the Common Cold Poor sleep weeks preceding an exposure There was a graded association with average sleep duration, with those with less than 7 hours sleep 2.94 times (CI(95%)=1.18–7.30) more likely to develop a cold than those with ≥ 8 hours. Sleep deprivation results in poorer immune function such as reduced natural killer cell activity suppressed interleukin-2 production and increased levels of circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines…

3. Effect of sleep deprivation on the effectiveness of flu vaccine –

Comment: These results indicate that the response to influenza vaccination is likely to be impaired in individuals who suffer from chronic partial sleep restriction. Because adults who show poorer responses to vaccines and other antigenic challenges also experience higher rates of clinical illness 5, our findings support the concept that adequate amounts of sleep are needed to maintain resistance to infectious challenge.

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