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How Simple Exercises Can Boost Your Immune Health Dramatically

#exercises#immunehealth#weightloss How Simple Exercises Can Boost Your Immune Health Dramatically Continuing with our series of interviews with the remarkable folks at Jacksonville University (be sure to check out the channel for the previous videos if you haven’t seen them), today’s offering is going to focus on, as the title suggests, exercises to boost immune health – dramatically. Exercise benefitting us is not something that is going to blow anyone’s mind. We all know it has incredible benefits, but we tend to limit those benefits to cardiovascular health and weight-loss.

But do you know to what extent exercise benefits the human body and boosts our immune health? Do you know the physical, mental and psychological effects moderate daily exercise can have on our body and mind? I was fortunate to sit and discuss these in depth with Dr. Carena Winters, Director of Exercise is Medicine® and Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Jacksonville University. We are living in a time of very little physical activity. As technology progresses, it is increasing productivity in one sense and certainly making life more efficient and simple, but it is actually minimizing our movement and daily activity.

Pandemic aside, we spend our days sitting in the car, sitting in front of the computer or at a desk, in front of the television, sitting on the sofa or on our beds engrossed with our mobile devices, and laptops, and as we’ve all felt recently, binge watching Netflix or the news or addicted to our mobile devices and social media apps. It’s all getting out of control and the easier our lives become in this sense, the more at risk we are and vulnerable when it comes to chronic disease, obesity, mental health issues, weak immune health, and so much more.

Dr. Winters was tasked at Jacksonville University with implementing health initiatives launching “exercise on campus” in 2009. Now having 280 institutions worldwide, encourage people to simply move more. All in an effort to bring awareness that exercise is the prevention and management of chronic disease. As Dr. Winters says, exercise can be as effective as Prozac or behavioral therapy for overcoming depression and even anxiety. In the following video we will be discussing the following topics: strength and resistance training, aerobic exercise and some of the keys to strengthening and boosting our immune systems and overall immune health, dramatically.

We will discuss Dr. Winter’s recommendations for simple and effective daily exercises that we can incorporate into our lives such as walking while in meetings, moving around the house and not allowing ourselves to be too still, walking our dogs, walking alone or with loved ones, outdoor time, whether in our gardens or in a local park.

She discusses walking and moderate exercise for immune function, cycling, running, (dancing!) and how it can activate our endocannabinoid system, and yoga as an anti-inflammatory, keeping it all fun! Moderate intensity exercise is, as she calls it, the sweet spot when it comes to dramatically boosting your immune health. She teaches us that simple exercise really is an amazing medicine and that simply moving allows us to have our “feel good” hormones in balance.

Dr. Winters conducted a systematic review of exercise and its physical and psychological benefits we can experience and found that exercise is not only a general energy and brain booster that benefits you throughout the day but it is also has incredible calming effects.

What really struck me about this interview was the doctor explaining that simply meeting the standard simple exercise requirements during the day, for example 30 mins of intense or moderate exercise is not always enough and can still put us at risk for chronic disease if the rest of the 24 hrs of our day is too sedentary. For example, a 20 minute walk is wonderful if we are also moving sufficiently throughout the day vs. a 20 minute walk and then spending the rest of the day in the car, at a desk, and on the couch.

This is an important video and one that can truly help you if you are suffering from any health issues. Our bodies are truly are greatest healers if we treat them properly and use them as they were intended. I hope with that said that you enjoy and put into motion the words of wisdom contained in this interview and we’ll see you on the next one. Also, don’t forget to hit subscribe and the notification bell for more upcoming videos that you do NOT want to miss.

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