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How to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally

You listened to this mantra throughout your life. Now you’re in your 60s or 70s. Your fear of fat is solidly wired into your brain. ‘Do not eat fat or you will die.’ Oh, SNAP! I am sorry.

This was the wrong advice. I’d personally like to apologize on behalf of the medical establishment for how poorly we have advised you. You’ve had more surgeries than any previous generation.

The medical industry talked you into over-medicating thanks to the ‘packaged truths’ about those drugs. We’ve opened your hearts, got you on statin meds, and stented your arteries instead of teaching you how to fix your troubles the correct way.   Instead, we should have taught you to manage your body chemistry-not re-route your blood flow.

In your remaining decades, I offer you a secret that course corrects your body: Growth Hormone! Read the blog post to learn more!…

Using Exogenous Ketones is a great little boost to help get your body burning ketones, give you a quick hit of energy and I’ve even been told it’s a nice little mood booster.

Dr Boz BHB on Amazon: Here’s what one reviewer on Amazon said: “I have tried many different exogenous ketone drinks and supplements. This one was one of the best that I have tried.

Do yourself a favor and add a little heavy whipping cream to it. It will not disappoint.” Thanks for tuning into my channel. – The GKI [Glucose Ketone Index] ratio explained. Glucose divided by 18 : Ketones DR BOZ RATIO: GLUCOSE DIVIDED BY KETONES This math was easier for my mom to do … and for my patients. Dr Boz RATIO LESS THAN 80 = weight loss zone. Some autophagy may be happening.

Dr Boz RATIO LESS THAN 40 = benefit with all the deep tissue/organ inflammation and auto-immune problems. (Leaky gut, brain fog, Crohn’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s) More autophagy should be happening.

Dr Boz RATIO LESS THAN 20 = Cancer & extreme health issues. . This was my mom’s category. This zone is really hard. No playing around. Make sure your doctor is watching you closely. Almost all are likely to have autophagy at this stage. Thanks for tuning into my channel.


PAPERBACK= (Affilate link) The two most common question I get … 1) “Doc, what BLOOD METER do you recommend?”

ANSWER: FORACARE: For years my diabetics told me this system was great. I tried several others before I bought this one. I can’t count the number of times I have tested my blood only to get an ERROR message from the strip. Grrr. I hate that

. FORACARE gets my vote because it is accurate and takes only ONE test strip to get the results. YES!!

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