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dieta cetogênica, jejum

How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar & Ketone Numbers While Fasting

Fasting Benefits Chart: ————————————– TIMELINE:

01:30 Normal Blood Sugar

01:59 Nutritional Ketosis

03:15 When do you measure Blood Sugar and ketones

04:21 Pattern #1 Fat Adapted

05:23 Pattern #2 Blood Sugar decrease, no changes in ketones

06:16 Liver in control in making Ketones

06:56 How stored sugar affects your blood sugar and ketones

08:18 Blood sugar and ketones are not changing

10:02 The Dawn Effect Pattern #1 Blood Sugar: Decrease Ketones: Increase Pattern #2 Blood Sugar: Decrease Ketones: No change Pattern #3 Blood Sugar: Increase Ketones: Increase Pattern #4 Blood Sugar: No change Ketones: No change Blood Sugar Conversion for Europe: 70 mg/L= 3.9 mmol/L 90 mg/L= 5.0 mmol/L

Converter:… ————————————–

RESOURCES: Heavy Metal Test: Mold Test: Heavy Metal Detox: #keto #fasting #bloodsugar ————————————– Dr. Mindy’s Website:

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