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How to Stay Healthy As You Come Out of Quarantine


01:06 Something I’m concerned about being quarantined and disinfecting

02:14 Microbiome are critical for our immune system

03:31 4 things to help regrow the good bacteria

03:45 Tip #1 Slow down on killing the good bacteria by using antibacterial products

05:12 Tip #2 Foods that you can eat to grow your good bacteria

06:13 Tip #3 Get out into nature 07:40 Lean into products that will help to improve your microbiome

10:07 Make sure that the good microbes are working in your favor

10:31 We have a social responsibility to take care of our health ________________________

RESOURCES: Ion-Biome: Skin Colonizer: Ion-Synus (Restore Nasal Spray):

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