Strategies for Keto, Fasting, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), nicotinamide riboside (NR) & nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and natural health

dieta cetogênica

KETO, FASTING & Other Proven Strategies to Help Depression

What affects brain function? Let’s dive into the Brain Are you neurochemically balanced? 6:09 HIIT will stimulate BDNF and make you happier 7:06 Intermittent fasting stimulate BDNF 7:38 Serotonin and dopamine 8:37 Amino acid supplements 9:41 Sunlight will help with serotonin 10:46 GABA is the calming part of the brain 11:59 Supplement to produce more GABA 12:55 What part of the brain are you operating from? 13:51 Tips for your brain to operate from your prefrontal cortex 14:30 How healthy is your hippocampus? 15:45 BRAIN 4 chemicals that you need to look at BDNF – HIIT Training – Intermittent fasting SEROTONIN AND DOPAMINE – Do some protein feast days – take amino acid supplements – good gut health – sunlight stimulate serotonin – get good sleep – magnesium GABA – ketogenic diet will regulate GABA – 4-7-8 Breathing – CALM Tips for your brain to operate from your prefrontal cortex – Brain Tap – Chiropractic adjustment – Meditation Healthy Hippocampus – ketogenic diet – essential oils – Heavy Metal Detox – hyperbaric oxygen GUT HEALTH – 24 hr fast – Plant diversity score – probiotic – Gut test VAGUS NERVE – humming – chanting – gargling – splashing cold water on your face – atlas alignment SUPPLEMENTS: Calm: Neurosyn: MIN: Brain Tap: Heavy Metal Detox:… Gut Zoomer:… Video Links: 7 Strategies For A Better Nights Sleep: Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Metal Detoxing: How Do You Vary Keto, Autophagy Fasting, Water Fasting & Feasting: Why Your Plant Diversity Score Will Improve Your KETO Results:

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