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Naomi Whittel | How to Boost Autophagy Without Fasting | Key Ingredients to Activate Autophagy

Have you ever wondered if you can boost autophagy without fasting? In this exclusive interview with Naomi Whittel, she breaks down key ingredients to activate autophagy. [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |

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[00:50] Naomi’s Previous Health Problems
[08:11] The Queen of Autophagy – Naomi travels all over to different parts of the world and sees the trends that will eventually make their way to the United States. – She got into autophagy intuitively – she recognized that she had to be building or removing. – Green juices helped Naomi to eliminate her toxic load.
[10:00] You Need to Start Eating Citrus Bergamont – Naomi met with Dr. Elizabeth Janda, a researcher in Italy, opened Naomi’s eyes to this lifechanging fruit. – Traditionally, the fruit is used to treat high cholesterol. – Melitidin and brutieridin, discourage the production of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while helping your body make HDL (“good”) cholesterol. [12:55] Activating Autophagy – You can activate autophagy through exercise, sleeping, different foods, and a specific type of mindset. [15:15] Interviewing a Nobel Prize Winner [18:20] How Skincare Relates to Autophagy – Naomi worked with a Richard C. Wang, a dermatologist, to determine how to activate autophagy in the skin. – She brought him hundreds of ingredients. Dr. Wang discovered which ingredients would activate the autophagy: – Caffeine – Ceramides – Polyphenols – Trehalose – Your skin is just a mirror of what is going on inside. – Women in their 50’s may have skin that looks so much older because of the different fibers. – Women have to become smart about activating autophagy in the skin to stay looking young. [23:00] Antiaging Tips – Learn how to activate cellular autophagy. – It’s good for detoxing. – Tap into your circadian rhythm. – Teach your body to utilize good stress. – Exercising can be a form of good stress. Autophagy loves good stress which has a massive antiaging effect. [26:05] The Real Skinny on Fat – Some of the key points Naomi took out of it: – We want to burn fat as our core fuel. – 25% of the population can utilize carbohydrates effectively. For those who can’t, it’s better not to bother. – Nuts are not the best way to get your fats because they aren’t the cleanest fuel. A lot of times, they are not gluten-free. – We have the power to give our bodies exactly what we need; it’s not as complicated as we imagine. [35:45] Navigating Self-Limiting Beliefs – Naomi started working on her belief system when she was 12 years old because of eczema. – We have to nurture our brain by giving it our favorite foods and sleep. Our brains cleanse themselves while we are sleeping. – At a young age, Naomi knew she could get away from negative thoughts by working on her subconscious mind. – When she starts to hear negative thoughts, she uses affirmations. [41:40] Whole Body Metabolism – What we believe about metabolism is just a tiny fraction of what it is. – Naomi’s next book will be about this very topic.

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