Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life


The Science of Autophagy – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Naomi

——————————- 03:09 How Naomi Whittel fell into Autophagy

08:08 Health benefits of Cacao

10:41 Citrus Bergamot fruit can activate Autopahgy

13:30 Different ways you can stimulate Autophagy

14:50 Sleep activates Autophagy the most

16:31 Activating and deactivating Autophagy

17:07 Don’t stimulate Autophagy constantly

20:14 How do you stimulate Autophagy through fasting

21:50 Plants that can activate autophagy

26:36 Women’s health

30:23 How women should be fasting

32:10 What is The real Skinny on Fat —————————————-

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