Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life


What Lifestyle Changes Will Help Your Autoimmune Condition?


02:30 What is the root cause?

04:08 Where do you find T Regulatory cells

04:43 What suppresses these cells?

05:25 What toxins trigger the immune system?

05:59 Best fast for autoimmune condition

07:52 What is the best diet to overcome autoimmune condition?

08:54 The microbiome in autoimmune diseases

09:32 Environmental toxins cause autoimmune disease _____________________


#1 THE ROOT CAUSE OF AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS 1.70% environmental toxins 2.Suppression of Treg cells Environmental Triggers and Autoimmunity… “Autoimmune diseases are increasing in developed countries.” Imbalance of regulatory T cells in human autoimmune diseases… “inappropriate mobilization of T cells against a person’s own tissues occurs in almost all autoimmunity.”

#2 WHERE DO WE FIND TREG CELLS? -Small and Large intestine

#3 WHAT SUPPRESSES THESE CELLS? -Gut dysbiosis -Lack of diversity #4 WHAT TOXINS TRIGGERS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM -heavy metals -parabens -mold -pesticides -glyphosate -phalates

LIFESTYLE CHANGES: TYPE OF FAST -Intermittent Fasting 13-15 hrs ( increases T reg cells) -24 hr Fast (repair the inner lining of the gut) -17 hr Fast Autophagy (detox cells)…

DIET -Carnivore -Take all foods out that can create an immune reaction SUPPORT YOUR MICROBIOME -Ion biome

DETOX STRATEGIES -Avoid adding toxins in (see the video on Friday) -The Toxin Reset

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