Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life

dieta cetogênica

What’s more harmful? Sugar or Fat? + Q&A

Metabolic Flexibility! What is it, why is it good for you, and how do you get there? The importance of the cellular membrane How to repair the membrane:

1. Avoid bad fats/ eat good fats! (90/10 rule)

2. Avoid sugar/ eat keto! 3. Avoid toxins/ live clean!

4. Avoid stress/ reprogram your brain! This is not a game of fast, and then pour junk into the body. Community questions: How to know if you’re fasting too much Rumbling stomach while fasting

Reducing inflammation in belly and thighs after eating Opening detox pathways A1C success with fasting Stuck losing weight Good fats and bad fats How to know when the cellular membrane is healed Blood sugar staying high despite fasting Still craving sugar after a long fast —————————————-

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