Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life


When Should You Do An Extended Water Fast?


01:18 Why would you do an extended water fast?

01:54 Water fasting benefits by the hour

02:30 Water fasting is a deep healing fast

03:07 72 hrs water fast improves immune system?

03:32 Why should you do a 5-day water fast?

04:21 What are stem cells?

05:40 What to do if you wanna do longer than 5 days water fast

07:08 Key components to 3-5 day water fast

08:00 When should you break the fast?

08:18 When to measure your blood sugar and ketones

08:57 3-5 day water fast reboot our cells #waterfast#waterfastingbenefits —————————————-

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