Strategies for Keto, Fasting and Natural Life

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Why Every WOMAN Should Be FASTING

Meta Analysis on Women & Fasting
02:24 Fasting and cancer
05:28 Fasting and reproductive health (PCOS)
07:30 Fasting and musculoskeletal health
09:04 Fasting for 7–10 days has shown to reduce pain, stiffness in RA patients
10:53 Fasting and metabolic health
12:20 Intermittent Fasting helps with weight loss; reduction of fat tissue mass, blood pressure, and heart rate
13:26 Fasting and mental health
14:25 Fasting also has shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve social functioning
15:24 24 Hour Fast for mental health
16:02 Fasting benefits for menopausal women ____________________


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