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Why Menopausal Woman Have Trouble Losing Weight

—————————————- NOTES: Estrogen declines leading to: 1. Fasting Insulin & Blood Glucose increases It may be concluded that the serum fasting insulin and blood glucose levels are significantly higher in postmenopausal women that may be due to low level of estrogen.… 2. Mitochondrial Dysfunction Menopausal women often suffer from low energy levels, muscle weakness, tiredness, reduced exercise capacity, and susceptibility to weight gain. Many of these symptoms may result from energy depletion due to mitochondrial dysfunction.… Steps: 1. Experiment with the 7 different fasts 2. Go Keto most the time: -Learn how to get into ketosis first -Ideal weight? Follow 28-Day Hormone Reset – protocol (going over this in WMR) 3. Give love to your mitochondria -Ketones -Good Fats -Protein -Nutrients -Detox —————————————- RESOURCES: Fasting & Your Hormones: Fasting for Women: —————————————- Dr. Mindy’s Website:

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