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How to improve sleep quality with light exposure

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Want better sleep? Our sleep cycles are governed by night and day cycles. We call this is our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is our ‘master clock,’ run by something called the suprachaismatic nucleus. It lets our body know when it’s time to make sleep hormone (called melatonin) and as you might expect it does this when it gets dark. The problem with the modern world is that there is so much artificial light at night it misleads the supra chaismatic nucleus and screws up our circadian rhythm. BLUE LIGHT is the real culprit, which is sensed by receptors in the eye called melanopsin, which in turn sends a signal to the suprachiasmatic nucleus. The more blue light hitting melansopin, the more it inhibits the production of sleep hormone which makes us less tired. There IS something we can do to help our circadian rhythm, and that is to use RED light which does not inhibit melatonin production. You can buy red lights, I use one I can control with my phone, going to red light mode at night.

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