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How to slow down aging by fighting free radical damage (Free radical theory of aging)

Foxo HealthFoxo Health1,3 mil inscritosINSCREVER-SEUnfortunately, aging is part of life. It starts from the moment we are born.  As we go through life, our cells get damaged (also referred to as oxidative stress), from both internal and external sources.  This damage eventually leads to disease, which is the most common cause of death.  In this day in age it’s quite reasonably to predict that when we die, there will be a disease driving it. So where does this damage to cells come from?  One source is free radical damage, something you have probably heard of before.  Free radicals are produced as byproducts of natural processes, cellular respiration being one of them.. Free radicals cause havoc because they are looking to become stable and to so this they need to rip an electron from another molecule. When this happens, the donor molecule then itself becomes damaged and like a chain reaction, the process continues from molecule to molecule. Thankfully, we can handle some of this damage by using antioxidants. I like to think of antioxidants as ‘cannon fodder’ for free radicals. They will typically neutralize the free radical by donating their electrons but unlike other molecules, they do not become free radicals themselves as a result of this process.

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