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mTOR Basics for Health and Longevity Part 1

In this video Dr. Mark Testa discusses mTOR, what it is, and why it is important to health and longevity. Topics discussed in part 1 of our mTOR series include:

Part One

– Too much mTOR activity good for growth, but bad for lifespan

– mTOR as a nutrient sensor of the cell similar to Insulin

– Easter island – isolated by soil bacteria – mTOR’s ability to sense glucose, insulin, and protein, leucine and arginine (animal protein) and potentially creatine

– mTOR as a regulator of protein synthesis and cellular growth (including tumors)

-mTOR found in organelles (lysosomes) inside of the cell

– How to inhibit mTOR

– Inhibitied mTOR by AMPk which is stimulated by low nutrient (glucose) intake

— Dangers of suppressing mTOR too much.

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