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What is mTOR? Basics for Health and Longevity Part 2

Train for Longevity – Men’s Health and FitnessTrain for Longevity – Men’s Health and Fitness

In part 2, Dr. Mark Testa continues to answer the question, “what is mTOR?” by expanding on some key concepts related to mTOR and it’s role in maintaining optimal health, and longevity.

Topics in part 2 of our mTOR series include:

– Is less more?

– Inhibition of mTOR may not delay aging itself, but may delay age-related diseases

– How mTOR activation suppresses autophagy – inhibition of mTOR activates autophagy; i.e., using fasting and low protein diets for periodic rejuvenation – Inhibiting mTOR to preserve adult stem cell function in various tissues –

Though mTORC1 inhibition clearly enhances overall lifespan, it may exert positive and negative functions on stem and immune cells that may deferentially impact aging

– Senescence-cells that age or undergo cell division but not die, also negatively influence surrounding cells.

– Rapalogs or mTOR inhibition may lower some inflammatory cells.

This results in mTORC1 inhibitors inhibiting the SASP through various mutually nonexclusive mechanisms

. – Rapamycin treatment prevents metabolic stress and delays cellular senescence.

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