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28 Insulin Resistance Symptoms

Insulin resistance might be one of the most common problems on the planet right now. You need to check out these insulin resistance symptoms.


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In this video, I want to cover the symptoms of insulin resistance. I realized I have many videos where I talk about insulin resistance, but I don’t have any videos where I go through the symptoms of insulin resistance. My guess is that at least 60-75% of the population has some form of insulin resistance. Even people that are prediabetic and diabetic also have insulin resistance.

28 insulin resistance symptoms:

1. Frequent urination at night 2. Frequent hunger (need for snacks between meals and at night) 3. Needing to nap after eating (especially after lunch) 4. Not satisfied after eating 5. Craving carbs 6. Low endurance/fatigue 7. Belly fat 8. High cholesterol, high triglycerides, low HDL and high LDL 9. High blood pressure 10. Fatty liver 11. PCOS 12. Dark folds (on the back of the neck, armpits, or groin) 13. Cysts 14. Skin tags 15. High blood glucose and high insulin 16. Inflammation and pain 17. Sleep apnea 18. Slow metabolism 19. Memory problems 20 Moodiness 21. Loss of muscle mass 22. Can’t absorb nutrients 23. Increase in the sympathetic nervous system 24. Acne 25. Low testosterone 26. Prediabetes 27. Fatty liver 28. Poor focus or brain fog

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