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7 Things That Boost Insulin Sensitivity or… Reverse Insulin Resistance


0:04 Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity explained 1:10 How to help improve insulin sensitivity naturally 3:08 A few additional things to help increase insulin sensitivity

In this video, we’re going to talk about the seven things that can help increase insulin sensitivity.

To understand insulin sensitivity, you need to understand insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a situation where the receptor for insulin in your cells is blocking insulin. It’s not allowing insulin to go into the cells. You don’t have the function that insulin should have normally.

Because of this, the body starts putting out more insulin.  Insulin is very important to help regulate the blood sugars and to help with the absorption of nutrients.

But, the more insulin resistance you have, the more insulin you’re going to have, and the more problems you’re going to have. For example, in the presence of insulin, you can’t lose weight.  We want to improve insulin resistance by making insulin more sensitive.

Help improve insulin sensitivity naturally by doing these things:

1. Resistance training  2. Fasting  3. Decrease inflammation  4. Reduce glucose (do healthy keto) 5. Increase sleep 6. Decrease stress (cortisol) 7. Consume more vegetables (fiber) A few additional things to help increase insulin sensitivity: • Apple cider vinegar • Cinnamon • Omega 3  • Vitamin D

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