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Adrenal Body Type, Cortisol & Belly Fat!

0:001:35 Intro to Adrenal Glands

1:352:25 The root of the problem

2:365:38 Types of personalities that create problems and stress

5:396:59 Problems that adrenal stress creates

7:007:57 Tips to help with adrenal stress

7:5810:21 Adrenal body type explained

10:2211:08 Sleep and adrenal hormones

11:0913:42 Exercise recovery

13:4314:28 The “just diet and exercise” myth

14:29 16:59 Common problems for adrenal cases

17:0019:57 Symptoms vs. Problems in the Medical Field

19:5823:32 Prevention of Disease and Creating your health

23:3425:03 How to get rid of sugar cravings

25:0426:55 Fluid retention and salt cravings

26:5527:53 Water myth and electrolytes

27:3429:30 Plant based minerals

29:3131:07 Adrenal, a Summary of

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