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Aging & Sirtuins | Effects of NMN, NR, & Other NAD Boosters [2020]

Lance Hitchings

How these little longevity genes affect the aging process by impacting NAD+ levels. NAD+ fuels both sirtuins & PARPs, and when NAD+ levels get low, the aging process is accelerated. In this video, we’ll be discussing sirtuins and NAD+. Low levels of NAD+ are one of the major causes of aging. And we’ll be taking a look at what’s called NAD Booster.

Molecules such as NMN and NR, which are both derivatives of nicotinic acid, otherwise known a the vitamin niacin, or vitamin B6. NAD boosters can elevate levels of NAD+, slowing cellular aging, providing more fuel for the sirtuins and boosting DNA repair.

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