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AUTOPHAGY & FASTING PT. 1 | Balancing AMPK & mTOR [2020]

Lance Hitchings

#fast&autophagy #autophagy#lancehitchings FASTING & AUTOPHAGY | Autophagy is an important part of clearing out cellular waste and rejuvenating the cell. And to trigger autophagy, you need to fast.

For some time, I’ve been wanting to drill down on how to get the maximum benefits from the mTOR pathway, while also getting the most from the functions of the AMPK pathway. The trick is that these pathways function opposite of each other. You can trigger one or the other, but not both.

And both fasting and autophagy play a major roll in balancing AMPK and mTOR. This is the appetizer course in a series created to help us sink our teeth into autophagy, a process that is activated while in a fasted state. Once we snack on this tidbit to better understand autophagy, there will be more morsels on fasting and how to trigger autophagy.

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