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Combining AMPK and mTOR

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_vI… An important anti-ageing strategy is to activate AMPK most of the time and mTOR some of the time. In this video we talk about the benefits of each, how to activate each, and who needs to activate more of which. A concrete strategy for a combining AMPK and mTOR is: Do time restricted eating, with a flexible 14 hour window of fasting and a 20 hour fast twice a week with vigorous exercise before you start eating. Make sure you do not take your AMPK boosters as you start eating, as you want to activate mTOR at that time. Take the AMPK boosters as you go into your fast. This is for informational purposes only and if you plan on making any changes you should always discuss them with your health practitioner before starting. A R T I C L E Read about AMPK, mTOR, and senescence in my article on this: http://stayonthehealthtrack.com/kill-… P A T R E O N Become my Patreon and get access to my books and other products at: https://www.patreon.com/basia T H A N K S T O Music from bensound.com.

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