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Correcting Your Ratio of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) on the Ketogenic Diet

In this video, Dr. Berg discussed about Essential Fatty Acids on the ketogenic diet. Essential meaning it is important but the body cannot make this type of fat and this category of fat is not just used for energy, it is used to replace body parts.

If you are a vegan, there’s only 5% limited rate of ALA conversion to DHA and EPA. And if ALA and LA is both present in the diet about the same time, LA will take priority and block the absorption of ALA.

Two Main Categories of Essential Fatty Acids:

• ALA or Alpha Linolenic (Omega 3) • LA or Linoleic (Omega 6) Food Sources of ALA • Leafy Greens • Flax • Chia • Hemp Seed • Plants • Nuts / Walnuts Two Additional Omega 3 Fatty Acids • EPA • DHA

Best Sources of EPA and DHA:

• Salmon • Cod Liver Oil • Sardines • Caviar (Fish Eggs) • Sea Food • Fish • Grass Fed Animal

Products Best Food Sources of LA:

• Corn Oil • Soy Oil • Canola Oil Two Additional Omega 6 Fatty Acids • GLA or GAMMA Linoleic Acid – Great for inflammation, skin health and allergies • AA or Arachidonic Acid – building block of prostaglandins, a body chemical that is involved in inflammation that helps heal the body in areas of injury and infection.

Symptoms of Deficiency:

• Low IQ (Decrease Learning) – Brain, Retina • Heart Problems , Blood Pressure Problems, Inflammatory Conditions of the Heart • Decrease Mood – Depression, Anxiety • Decrease Sperm Count • Dry scaly skin

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