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Hidden Cause of Depression and Anxiety

Timestamps 0:12 Brain and gut connection  0:49 The microbiome  1:36 The parasympathetic  2:17 The microbiome and SCFA 3:33 Digestion and depression and anxiety  3:53 More on the brain and gut connection 

In this video, we’re going to talk about a hidden cause of depression and anxiety. It has to do with your microbiome—the good bacteria in your gut.  There is actually a connection between your brain and your colon through what’s called the vagus nerve.

But, what’s interesting about the vagus nerve is that only 10% of the information is going from the brain to the colon. 90% of the information is going from the colon to the brain. So, you’re getting a lot of feedback in your brain from things that are happening in your gut.  The microbiome (your good bacteria) makes a lot of neurotransmitters, which are identical to the ones that your own body makes. 

Your microbiome makes: • Acetylcholine  • GABA • Norepinephrine  • Serotonin  • Dopamine 

All of these neurotransmitters can help make you feel calm, stress-free, and happy. If there is a problem with your microbes making these neurotransmitters, you might not feel that great.  This part of the nervous system is a part of what’s called the parasympathetic, which is all about rest, digestion, and recovery. It’s possible that things like depression and anxiety can occur if your gut is not right.

Your good bacteria also eat fiber from vegetables, and they make small-chain fatty acids. This is a specific type of fat that can provide 90% of the energy for the colon cells. It can also help improve insulin resistance and supports the integrity of the gut lining. There is a huge connection between your state of well being and your digestion.  On the flip side, if you’re stressed, this can also affect your digestion. 

The brain and gut connection also control: • Enzyme release  • Acid production  • Hormone release  • The muscles around the colon

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