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Hidden Dangers of Soy & How Does it Affect Your Body : Dr.Berg

Timestamps 0:06 GMO soy 0:18 The hidden dangers of soy 0:53 Foods that contain soy 1:28 How does soy affect your body 2:03 Is soy healthy or not? 

Today let’s talk about the hidden dangers of soy. Not only is most of the soy sold in America GMO, but if it’s not fermented, it can give you a lot of problems.  When soy is not fermented, it’s considered an anti-nutrient.

This means it has certain enzyme blockers that block the absorption of proteins. It also has phytic acid that blocks important minerals.  You might think you don’t consume a lot of soy, but it’s actually hidden in a lot of different foods.

It’s in a lot of vegetable oils, and it’s even in a lot of the different protein bars and diet shakes. Soy is also hiding in a lot of vegetarian meats. Infant formulas are mainly soy-based, which can create a bad situation for a baby. 

Soy can have:

• An estrogenic effect • An anti-nutrient effect • A GMO effect Some people can handle consuming a smaller amount of organic fermented soy. 

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