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How Does Food Affect Your Mood, Improve Anxiety, Depression?: Dr.Berg


0:09 The problem 1:04 The food and mood connection factors 1:11 Nutrition 6:05 Blood sugars  7:54 Hormones 10:03 Sleep

Did you know there is an interesting food and mood connection? In this video, we’re going to discuss the relationship between your food and mood, and much more.  You never want to treat a symptom directly without understanding the underlying cause. One of the big problems with traditional medicines is that they treat the symptom, like depression for example, without looking at the real cause. The food and mood connection factors:

Nutrition:  • Potassium – Helps calm your heart and promote sleep • B vitamins – Help ease anxiety and promote sleep (best source is nutritional yeast) • Calcium – Helps you relax and reduces stress • Omega 3 – Promotes brain health • Iodine – Supports the thyroid and brain health (best source is sea kelp)

Blood sugars: • If your blood sugar goes too high, you’re going to get brain fog and problems with memory.  • If your blood sugar goes too low, you’re going to have irritability, and ADD. 

Hormones: • Serotonin – Is a pleasure hormone (build up serotonin with a good diet) • Cortisol – Is a stress hormone that comes from stress and causes anxiety • PMS – If there is a relationship between your cycle and your mood, you need to support your ovaries • Thyroid – Can cause depression and apathy  Sleep: • Without sleep, you’re going to have anxiety

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