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Is Your Brain Shrinking? DO THIS…

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Have you ever feel that your brain is actually shrinking and you have brain atrophy? In this video, Dr. Berg talks about brain shrinking or brain atrophy. And as you age, the brain could potentially shrink by 4% each year that could lead to all sort of cognitive deficiencies like lack of focus, concentration and memory.

What Happen When Your Brain Shrinks?

• Lose circulation • Lose ability to use glucose fuel – cells couldn’t connect and cause a lack of communication. Ways on How to Grow Back Your Brain? 1. B-Vitamins (DHA, Phytonutrients) – one of the symptoms of deficiency in B1 is called amnesia (Forgetting things). B1, B6, B12 and Folic acid are very important to maintain the fat around the nerves. DHA sources: fatty fish, cod liver oil (https://www.amazon.com/Cod-Liver-Omeg…)

Phytonutrients Benefits: • Protects against environmental stress • Protects against toxic effects of foods • Protects against poor diets • Protects from all oxidizes the tissue that creates free radicals 2. Blood Sugars (Neurodegeneration) 3. Stress – Lack of Sleep

– The high levels of cortisol will create a similar effects and will mess up the blood sugars. 4. Smoking / Drinking – This will affect the brain physiology as well. 5. Ketones

– If you don’t have the capacity of brain function or starting to lose the focus and concentration, you don’t want to run the majority of the brain on glucose. You want to run it on the alternative fuel called, ketones, a byproduct of burning fat. 6. Intermittent Fasting – It will increase the compound in the brain called BDNF or Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor that will help regrow the brain cells.

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