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Ketosis vs Autophagy – What’s the Difference?

Dr. Mindy Pelz

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.01:39 What is ketosis?
02:20 Benefits of ketones
03:10 What is autophagy?
05:03 How do you get into ketosis?
06:37 How do you get autophagy?
07:52 Where do toxins come into play with both of these?
09:14 How do you know when to use these states?
10:17 Can both states exist at the same time?

Ketosis -SIGNAL OF FAT BURING -body is a fat burner -the time it takes for you to get into ketosis may vary -strategy to get into ketosis: -lower carbs, moderate protein -fast -ketones are reparative (especially to the brain) Autophagy

– SELF REPAIR -detoxes bacteria or organic material -cells look inside and clean themselves up -does not detox neurotoxins -apoptosis can occur -strategy for getting into autophagy: -17-72hrs -keep protein under 20 grams -other hacks: HIIT training, red light Where do toxins come into play with both of these? -toxins can prevent you from getting into ketosis -toxins can be released with autophagy How do you know when to use these states? -ketosis: when you want to burn fat accelerate healing -autophagy: when you need to detox Can both states exist at the same time? YES

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