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Lean (Low Fat) Meat on Keto? No, No!

In this video, I want to talk to you about lean meat or low-fat protein on a ketogenic diet plan and why it is NOT a good idea. 

Consuming lean protein could cause protein starvation. Anytime you’re consuming protein on the keto, consume it as a whole food (with the fat). 

Examples of lean protein: • Skinless Chicken Breast  • Turkey Bacon  Protein starvation symptoms:  • Diarrhea  • Headaches  • Fatigue  • Low Blood Pressure  • Slow Pulse Rate  • Hunger – Can’t be satisfied with protein 

The truth about ultra low-fat protein:

• Whey protein is not a natural product. All of the fat has been removed.  • It takes certain nutrients to metabolize protein—consuming lean protein could create nutritional deficiencies.  • Fat triggers bile.

So if you’re not consuming enough fat, bile will dry up, and it will increase the risk of gallstones. 

• Fat is important for the brain, nerves, cell membrane, endocrine system, and immune system.  • Fatty fish/meat is the best protein source.

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