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Problems Being A Vegetarian: Dr.Berg on Downsides of Vegetarian Diets


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In this video, we’re going to talk about the vegetarian diet and problems being a vegetarian.  I’m not against vegetables.

I eat more vegetables than most vegetarians. However, I do think some people can run into some problems being a vegetarian.  Problems being a vegetarian:

1. Grainatarian  Many vegetarians don’t eat a lot of vegetables. They consume a lot of grains instead. They also consume a lot of artificial meats, which are also unhealthy. There are ways to do a vegetarian diet healthily, but that means consuming a lot of vegetables. 

2. Adrenal/Diabetic/Catabolic  If you have problems with your adrenals, or you have diabetes, your body may be in a catabolic state. Being in a catabolic state means your body is breaking down its own protein. A vegetarian diet may make the symptoms of this issue worse. Getting protein as a vegetarian can be more difficult. 

3. Definition of food We eat food for nutrition. It can be more difficult to get the nutrition you need from a vegetarian diet. The goal of food is to get nutrients.

So whatever diet you choose, it should be a diet that provides you with nutrients.  There are problems with being a vegetarian, but some of these problems can be avoided by being careful and doing a lot of research. 

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