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Solve Diabetes Overnight Understanding This Simple….

In this video, I’m going to share with you how to solve diabetes overnight. If you have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, this video is for you. The pancreas makes hormones, one of which is called insulin. Insulin lowers blood sugar. Insulin is triggered by glucose (sugar). If you consume a lot of carbohydrates and sugar in your diet, the body considers it toxic.

As a way of protecting itself, the cells start to resist insulin, which is called insulin resistance.  While this is happening, you have a lot of insulin and insulin resistance, but you also have normal blood sugar.  Over time, your pancreas gets overwhelmed. When it starts to burn out, you no longer have enough insulin.

At this point, if you keep eating sugar and carbs, your blood sugar will go higher and higher until you have diabetes.  What we know:

1. The original problem is too much insulin

2. Carbs increase insulin

3. Diabetic medications treat the later effects of high insulin 

Why all of the carbs? Dietitians follow the dietary guidelines by the USDA, which recommends that 45-65% of a person’s daily calories should be carbohydrates.

That comes out to 225-325g of carbohydrates, which is a massive amount. 

• What you need to understand to solve diabetes overnight: • Excess carbs = excess insulin  • Excess insulin = Insulin resistance • Insulin resistance = diabetes What to do: • Healthy keto • Intermittent fasting

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