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The 10 Benefits of Fiber

Are you getting enough fiber? Check out these incredible benefits of fiber.


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Today I want to cover the ten benefits of fiber. When I’m talking about fiber, I’m talking about vegetable fiber, not grain fibers, like bran, for example.

On the healthy keto diet, I believe it’s important that a person consumes a lot of vegetables as a part of the healthy keto lifestyle. But, there are times that a person wouldn’t want to consume large amounts of vegetables, for example, if they have SIBO.

10 benefits of fiber:

1. It has zero effect on insulin

2. It contains phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals

3. It binds to bile and helps regulate the amount of bile in the body

4. It can help feed the microflora

5. Small-chain fatty acids (blood sugar control and more) 6. It may help regulate pH

7. It may help regulate transit time 8. It may help regulate lipids

9. It may have anti-cancer effects

10. It can help buffer the blood sugar response

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