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The Adrenal Fatigue Diet

Dr. Eric Berg DC

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0:08 My book—The Healthy Keto Plan 0:16 Why would someone need to do the adrenal fatigue diet? 0:31 The different plans for different body types 0:46 What is the adrenal fatigue diet? 0:52 When would you need to do the adrenal fatigue diet? 1:02 How to do the adrenal fatigue diet 1:50 The first thing to do—healthy keto and intermittent fasting  5:35 What to do next In this video, I’m going to cover what you need to know about the adrenal fatigue diet.

Another name for this diet would be the adrenal body type diet. I talk extensively about this diet in my book, “The Healthy Keto Plan.”

My book has been through several updates, and today I’m going to explain the latest version of this specific diet.  I created different plans based on body types. These four body type plans are to be done after someone has done the basic plan and didn’t get results.

The four body types are: • The adrenal body type  • The liver body type • The ovary body type  • The thyroid body type

Why would someone need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?

• They might have adrenal fatigue.

• They did the keto plan and intermittent fasting, but they didn’t get the results they intended.  What is the adrenal fatigue diet? 

• It’s additional steps to improve your results. When would you need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?

• After two weeks of not getting results. The adrenal fatigue diet plan helps reset and will help increase recovery. The adrenal gland is a stress gland. This is actually the most common body type because the average person goes through a lot of stress and the adrenal gland takes a beating, cortisol is stimulated over and over, the person goes into fight or flight mode, and they stress out.

Now, the adrenal hormones are pumping out more hormones than they need to over a long period of time. This can cause someone not only to be tired, but it can reduce their ability to recover, heal, and lose weight. The adrenal fatigue diet might just help.

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