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The Amazing Zinc: Part 3

In this part 2 of 3 series video where Dr. Berg talks about the amazing zinc.

Zinc is very important for prostate health, testosterone health and sperm viability.


• Out of all the tissues, the prostate has the highest concentration of zinc. • Having a deficiency of zinc could develop a condition called hypogonadism (Small testicles). • Zinc is needed to make testosterone. • The sperm is rich in zinc.


• Zinc is stored with insulin (Production – Secretion – Storage) • Low in zinc: People with pancreatitis, pancreatic insufficiency.

Immune System

• Mast cells or cells that are involved with histamine needs zinc as its main minerals. • Zinc is a natural antibiotic and a natural anti-inflammatory. • Zinc can inhibit certain viruses. • Zinc can decrease the time of having a common cold.

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