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The Biggest Secret of the Keto Universe

Dr. Berg shares the biggest secret in the keto (ketogenic diet) universe. Most common health problems, diseases, and symptoms are directly caused by insulin resistance, yet are treating every single one of these conditions with a separate drug. Insulin resistance is when the cells are rejecting insulin.

This is caused by chronic exposure to insulin. Insulin resistance is a combination of insulin deficiency and a massive spike of insulin in certain other parts of the body.

Insulin Resistance Health-Related Conditions • Metabolic syndrome • High blood pressure • High cholesterol • Belly fat • Fatty liver • Diabetes (kidney damage, peripheral neuropathy, neurological problems, eye problems) • Heart problems (clot, plaque, arrhythmias, cholesterol, high blood pressure) • Inflammation (joint, autoimmune, artery, digestive/cirrhosis) • Brain (Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, cognitive, seizures) • PCOS (High androgen) • Decreased testosterone • Pre-diabetes • Obesity – Insulin is the main fat-storing hormone. Causes of High Levels of Insulin • High-carbohydrate diets • Chronic eating or frequent eating • Cortisol (stress hormone)

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