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The link between sirtuins, calorie restriction, fasting and the insulin pathway | David Sinclair

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Early discoveries in aging research revealed that sirtuins, a class of enzymes that control gene expression, modulate lifespan by mimicking the effects of calorie restriction – the chronic reduction of energy intake. Interestingly, calorie restriction boosts the production of sirtuin enzymes.

Later discoveries revealed that the benefits of calorie restriction (and the subsequent increase in sirtuins) could also be obtained via intermittent fasting. The mechanisms that link various forms of dietary restriction and sirtuin production are inextricably tied to lower levels of insulin and IGF-1.

In this clip, Dr. David Sinclair describes how sirtuins, caloric restriction, fasting, and the insulin-IGF-1 pathway converge to modulate aging and lifespan. This clip was taken from the FoundMyFitness interview with Dr. David Sinclair found at https://youtu.be/5DtWqzalEnc

Original episode published on Nov 6, 2019

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