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The Ultimate Stress Lowering Technique: Dr.Berg On Reducing Stress

1:03 Introduction to stress 1:141:24 Causes 1:252:30 Adrenals—how they work   2:315:31 An effective solution & The accumulation of stress 5:326:34 What happens when you can’t recover from stress 6:358:44 Stress and sleep—The real reason 8:4510:13 Stress and exercise—Why exercise stresses you out 10:1512:34 Acupressure (stress lowering technique) — a practical solution, 5 key points 12:3515:06 Testimonies 15:0716:32 How and where to get an acupressure tool

In this video, we’re going to talk about stress and how to reduce stress. I’m going to share with you effective stress relief methods, which include a unique stress lowering technique.  What is stress? Internal stress or environmental stress can act as a pressure on your body or inside your body.

All stress accumulates, time doesn’t heal stress. Over the years, stress will build-up, and it will start to destroy and age your body. You have to know how to cope with stress and release it as it builds up.

Over time stress can actually wear out your adrenals and alter your cognitive function.  The good news is that there are ways to pull out the stress from the body and wipe out old stresses, so it doesn’t keep building up. 

How to relieve stress:

• Correct your diet • Sleep • Do correct exercises for your body • Acupressure

There are five parts of the body that hold 98% of your stress. Acupressure has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce stress. Interestingly enough, acupressure also helps with weight loss. Acupressure works like magic for both stress relief and getting rid of excess weight. You can use my massage tool to help work on these acupressure points. I use this massage tool every night before bed to reduce stress and get to sleep.

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