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Turn Off Your Anxiety With This…

Timestamps 0:05 What is anxiety? 0:16 My experience with anxiety  2:06 Flight or fight  3:43 What I’ve noticed in people with anxiety 4:04 How to stop anxiety 

Today we’re going to talk about anxiety and how to turn off anxiety like a switch. The term anxiety comes from the Latin word “angere” which means “to strangle.” 

An interesting book called “Autonomic Nerves” describes fight or flight as: “The flight or fight reaction is a physiological response to a real or perceived threat to one’s safety.

Depending on the nature of the threat, the person either mounts a defense (fight), or attempts to escape from a threat (flight). Both fight or flight require sudden vigorous muscle action.” 

What having anxiety feels like: 1. Racing heart  2. Sweating  3. Shaking  4. Throat constricted  5. Breathing changes  6. Blurry vision/dizziness  7. Nausea  8. Irritation  9. Worry  10. Poor concentration  11. Mind goes blank  12. Focus on the negative  13. Sleeplessness

I’ve noticed many people with anxiety have a poor diet filled with stimulants. In many cases, they also seem to be depleted of vitamin B1.

  How to control anxiety:

  1. Probiotics  2. B-vitamins (especially B1) 3. Magnesium  4. Avoid environmental triggers 5. Adaptogens 

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