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What Protein Is Best?: Dr.Berg

In this video, we’re going to talk about the different types of protein and what protein is best.  Different types of protein:

Red meat

• It’s a complete protein  • Very few people have allergies to red meat • It’s more difficult for some people to digest red meat once they get older  • Not all of it’s useable or bioavailable  • Consume organic grass-fed or pasture-raised  Poultry • It’s easier to digest • It’s less expensive than red meat  • Unless it’s organic, you’re getting a large amount of arsenic, formaldehyde, and many other medications and chemicals  • Consume organic and free-range 


• High-quality protein • No carbs  • Great omega 3 fatty acids  • Consume wild-caught  Pork  • Highly digestible  • Very high in vitamin B1 • Avoid pork from third-world countries • Consume organic and free-range 


• Consume raw milk if you can  • Many people are allergic to dairy  • Pasteurization destroys most of the nutrition • Fermented milk is a little better (like yogurt and cheese) • I recommend more cheese than yogurt for weight loss • Do whole milk yogurt not low-fat or no-fat • Cheese is a very high-quality protein (European grass-fed cheeses)  • Kefir is better to consume than yogurt 


• Egg yolks are very healthy for you—it’s like consuming a multivitamin  • Consume organic eggs • The egg yolk should be bright orange, and the eggshell should be strong  • Egg yolks that are grass-fed have a lot of vitamin K2  • Eggs are one of the best protein sources  • Eggs are very nutrient-dense   • **I think eggs are the best protein source Soy • It’s a high protein food  • If it’s organic and fermented, it might be fine in small quantities • Most people are allergic to it • Most soy is GMO  • Soy protein isolates create major problems 


• It’s a plant protein • It’s a complete protein  • It’s grown on lakes and can pull toxins from that lake  • It’s very expensive  • You can have it in small amounts 


• It’s a good source of protein  • It can pull toxins  • It can be expensive • It tastes like grass and seaweed  Hemp  • It’s similar to our blood protein  • It’s not very complete, but it has some protein • It can create bloating 

The protein sources I consume: • Red meat • Poultry • Fish  • Pork • Cheese  • Eggs • Kefir 

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