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BECOME AN EXPERT ON FASTING: A Comprehensive Guide | Balancing AMPK & mTOR Pt. 3


Lance Hitchings

THE STAGES OF A FAST: In today’s video, we’ll cover the stages of a fast, hour-by-hour.

And then I’ll relate my own experience with fasting, and relate measurements that I took to the stages of a fast. In this ongoing series on Balancing AMPK and mTOR, for the last three videos we’ve been discussing the importance of autophagy and how to trigger it with fasting.

In this video, we’ll be covering what actually happens during a fast, how glucose falls and ketones rise, what happens to your hormones and to your cognitive functions and when autophagy actually kicks in.

Then I’ll be going over some of my experiences with fast. I’ve taken a series of measurements with a Ketone-Mojo meter, and I’ll be comparing those readings with the various stages of a fast. This is the last video on fasting & autophagy.

In the next video in this series, I’ll be switching sides and taking a look at the other side of the equation…mTOR. So watch for that video.

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