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Can You Get Rid of Gout? | Foods That Trigger Gout | Low Purine Foods to Eat | THE BEST GOUT DIET

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01:10 Conventional medicine tells you that the only way to treat and relieve gout is to take drugs and painkillers; this will NOT get to the root cause of why you are experiencing gout. 02:20 These 5 items trigger gout: * Fructose/Sucrose * Alcohol * Vegetable oils * Sugar/Grains * Tap Water 05:40 Does high protein cause gout? 05:51 The REAL cause of gout… Inflammation! When you have high levels of inflammation, the body produces uric acid to deal with it because uric acid is an antioxidant. 06:27 The most common cause of inflammation in most people… High Insulin! 06:50 What about purines, should you eat a low purine diet for your gout? (THIS WILL SHOCK YOU) 07:30 Three solutions to get rid of your gout, for good! 08:05 Why keto and fasting flare up gout attacks, and what to do about it. 08:40 Drink the keto cocktail every morning to replenish electrolytes 09:15 Why healthy keto and fasting can help with your gout 09:50 Optimize these two minerals, magnesium and potassium 10:18 Smart supplementation. KDIR: http://bit.ly/2m6rXLc 3 caps, two times per day, away from food Helps flush kidneys. Cha de Bugre (herb) used in Brazilian herbal medicine for gout. Peach Bark is also helpful to remove uric acid. Juniper berries help kidneys process uric acid.

—————————————————————- MELA: http://bit.ly/2oi9igC 3 caps, three times a day, away from food Proteolytic enzymes help process uric acid and lower inflammation. Bromelain is cited to help resolve gout and clean up poorly digested proteins.

—————————————————————- M

ORS: http://bit.ly/2mMJhps 1 cap, two times per day Methyl groups (provided by 5-MTHF and methionine) are necessary to breakdown purines into uric acid which serves as the chief blood antioxidant. Folate inhibits xanthine oxidase (an enzyme that converts purine to uric acid) thus preventing excess uric acid production. —————————————————————- ROX: http://bit.ly/2ogfZ2M 2 caps, two times per day Uric acid is an antioxidant. Elevated uric acid indicates oxidative damage because the body is trying to protect the blood cells. —————————————————————- Ks Kidneys: http://bit.ly/2mILXEx 2 caps, two times per day Support for the kidneys to process uric acid. Stimulates more optimal kidney performance. —————————————————————- Ls Livers: http://bit.ly/2mMMfdy 2 caps, two times per day Support for the liver to process uric acid so the kidneys can eliminate it. 11:15 Bonus: Drink your coffee! Study that shows coffee helped with gout: http://bit.ly/2nDWJw2

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