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Day 4 – Can You Fix Your Gut with Fasting?

NOTES: What is gut dysbiosis? -imbalance in good & bad bacteria What fasts help heal the gut? -gives the gut a break -24-hour fasts reboot stem cells Fasting boosts stem cells’ regenerative capacity https://news.mit.edu/2018/fasting-boo… What foods can you combine with fasting to help the gut heal?

Probiotic Foods -Sauerkraut -Kimchi -Cocoyo brand yogurt – https://amzn.to/3alE5yX -Grassfed-beef sticks (Paleovalley are fermented) – https://bit.ly/paleo-valley -Raw Kefir -Fermented vegetables, like pickles Prebiotic Foods -Hemp seeds -Chia seeds -Flax seeds -Beans and peas -Bananas -Garlic -Berries -Asparagus WHY ARE POLYPHENOLS IMPORTANT? Polyphenol foods pull double duty for your gut health. The not only help grow your good bacteria, but they also have an antimicrobial effect on the bad bacteria. Since our microbiome is so important for our overall health, this is a really powerful thing! That’s why I advocate for ketobiotic, which is keto with a focus on gut health. I’ve been diving in to the research on this and have found studies indicating that polyphenols are neuroprotective. This means they can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Polyphenols also help regulate blood sugar for those of you who have issues with diabetes and insulin resistance. Specifically the skin of almonds lowers blood pressure and protects your cardiovascular system. If that’s not awesome enough, these foods also anti-carcinogenic!

The 500,000 different kinds of gut bacteria all need different polyphenol foods. So while this short list is a start, it is most beneficial to get as much variety as possible. The list goes on to include fennel, celery juice, wine, artichokes, olives, and more.

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