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Eric Bowling

Can fats make you insulin resistant? You hear a lot of plant based doctors saying fats are the issue and not carbs or sugar. This video will change your perspective forever on the issue! So many people get caught up in what causes insulin resistance. Many people like to cling to one end or the other of an extreme. For many, that is fats vs. carbs. Let’s shed some light on the topic: The Simplest Diet Macro Breakdown Calories = Bodyweight (bw) in LBS x 10-18 (lower for fat loss, higher for muscle gain) If running on fats: Protein: .8-2g/kg bw (lower end if you’re not lifting, higher if you are) Carbs: 50g or less a day Fats: 50-60% Remaining calories If running on carbs: Protein: .8-2g/kg bw (lower end if you’re not lifting, higher if you are) Carbs: 50-60% Remaining calories Fats: .5-1g/kg bw This post-it note diet will work for about 70% of the population. There will always be 30% which are outliers who need a more tailored and individualized approach, but for most people, this is a great place to start rather than doing nothing. —————————— We all have questions about health and fitness, follow me here to learn my answers: https://www.instagram.com/askericbowling Have questions you need answered quickly? Ask me here: https://www.twitter.com/askericbowling High quality supplements I use for my clients: https://upfitness.com/shop?ref=532364296

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