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On this episode of The Keto Kamp Podcast, I interview the founder of Low Carb USA, Doug Reynolds. ▾ [FREE] đŸ”„E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” | http://www.ketokickstartguide.com 🔔 SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2QE7z1B

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đŸŽ„Fasting Playlist: http://bit.ly/2nElic9 🎓Want to become a keto and fasting pro? Join the BRAND NEW Keto Kamp Academy today: http://www.ketokampacademy.com Doug Reynolds, founder of LowCarbUSAÂź, a platform for scientists, entrepreneurs, and the medical community to share their research surrounding the low carbohydrate and ketogenic lifestyles.

Founded in 2015, LowCarbUSAÂź is an organization focused on dietary education and support by hosting scientific conferences, providing online coaching, a comprehensive library of scientific papers supporting the way of eating, and a worldwide database of ‘Low Carb Friendly’ healthcare providers and nutritionists. In Doug Reynold’s early ’30s, he had run almost a hundred marathons and ultras and could eat pretty much anything he liked.

As Doug approached 40, however, he noticed he was putting on a little weight each year and, no matter how hard he trained, Doug was not able to get the weight off again. In the end, he was always injured and hating running and life itself. When Doug was first introduced to the concept of the Ketogenic / Banting lifestyle, he could not believe that an athlete could function without carbohydrates.

However, as an engineer at heart, Doug started reading all the research, and he found that it made total sense. Plus, it explained all the issues he was having, including the things Doug struggled with back when he was running well. In this episode, Doug Reynolds opens the show describing his experience gaining weight and then losing it with the keto diet.

He was inspired, so he started LowCarbsUSA and describes the life changing conferences they hold each year. Plus, Doug explains how he is committed to helping to reverse the current consensus on a diet here in the US and around the world.

The consequences of the governmental dietary policies introduced in 1977 have been catastrophic, and it’s time we all took a stand! Tune in! [00:15] About Doug Reynolds – Doug was a distance runner; he thought he was bulletproof. Doug would run 55-mile races in Africa.

– As he aged, Doug started to pick up a few pounds of weight every year. At one point, Doug stood on the scale and was horrified to see he was 35 pounds over his ideal weight. – Without any resources, Doug tried the keto diet with trial and error. His inflammation cleared up, he lost the weight, and he stopped snoring at night.

[11:15] LowCarbsUSAÂź Conferences – Doug’s first conference far exceeded his expectations. – Every conference, they end up building a community and a culture within their organization.

[20:00] Standard of Care – Doctors have many challenges suggesting keto to their patients. – The standard of care is not a document. You don’t learn it at college. It is a consensus of practitioners in a similar environment with similar training what they actually do in practice. – There is now a document guiding physicians on how to utilize a low-carb diet with their patients.

[35:30] The Conference in Indonesia

[42:55] Practicing Gratitude

[43:40] Doug’s Definition of Perfect Health AND MUCH MORE!

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