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autofagia, jejum intermitente

Fasting & Autophagy 2

Lance Hitchings

When we wake up in the morning and it’s been several hours since last eating, we call that a fast. Eating in the morning breaks our nightly fast.

Let’s take a look at what happens to us when we skip breakfast…and beyond! In this week’s video, I explain the individual stages of fasting and what is happening at each of the different stages.

I show the various cellular fuel sources as a fast moves through it’s progressive states. I also explain the additional benefits triggered at each of these stages. I also share my own personal fasting experience because I want you to know that we are on this journey together.

If you have fasted before, watch to see if you have had some of the same experiences I discuss here. Let’s make the most of our time while we wait to break the longevity barrier!

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